With Commissioner appointments made due to vacancies in August 2019, the Board of Sumner Park District has  dedicated themselves to working tirelessly to address outstanding maintenance and improvements to revitalize the Park. The Board is proud to provide this list of just some of the accomplishments made during 2020.  The Board greatly appreciates the public support received in noticing these efforts and their continued enjoyment of the Parks.





(Note:  List includes highlighted projects and is not all inclusive)


⁃   $12,750 - LED Lighting Upgrade in Sumner & Blassingham Parks

⁃    $8,000 - Playground Pea Gravel in Sumner & Blassingham Parks

⁃    $2,000 - Labor for Pea Gravel in Blassingham Park

⁃    $4,500 - Metal Roofs on Dugouts/Scorer Huts in Sumner Park

⁃   $6,200 – New Cement Sidewalks and Benches with bench pads at Blassingham Park.

⁃    $4,419 –New Water Fountain Purchase (Installation Charges-TBD)

⁃      $800 -Basketball Backboard Replacement

⁃    $3,100 -Gable Ends (3x) for Maintenance Bldg.- new Maintenance  Building roof and gables.

⁃     $950 - Tools and Equipment

⁃     $600 - Sumner Park Monument - Refurbished

⁃   $8,200 - Kiddie Cottage Playground w/Border

⁃   $3,600 -Tree Removal and Maintenance (Oak Tree)

    $55,119 Total

          General Improvements

⁃   Safety improvements park wide

⁃   Baseball Fields

  • Scoreboards Repaired on Baseball Diamonds (3x)

  • Installed Rubber Mats at Home Plates (3x)

  • Drain Tile Installed at Daughenbaugh Outfield

  • Reconditioned All Baseball Fields and Warning Tracks (4x)

  • Repaired Fencing and Backstops of All Baseball Fields

⁃   Pavilion

  • Insulation Added to Pavilon Attic

  • Installed Smoke Detectors in Pavilion

  • Replaced All Emergency Lighting in Pavilion

  • Removal of Grease Build-up from Grease Pit in Pavilion Kitchen

  • Replaced Defective Vent Motors in Pavilion Rest Rooms

⁃   Other Park Accomplishments

  • Development of Park Ordinances/ Contracting Lawncare, Landscaping and Cleaning Services for the improvement of public use

  • Modified and Painted Park Entry Gates

  • Reinforced Barn Roof by Adding Headers/Additional Roof Supports

  • Repaired Two Drinking Fountains

  • Basketball Floor Removed, Cleaned Sub-surface, Replaced Broken Squares, Reinstalled in Original Position and Secured Floor

  • Marked Out and Painted Pickle Ball Court Lines on Tennis Court

Thank you to Commissioner, Dennis Seaton for the Preparation of this list. Dennis Seaton - Prepared Dec. 2020