Commissioners & Officers

Sumner Park District Board consists of 5 Commissioners. 

Officers are appointed by the Sumner Park Board of Commissioners.

Current Vacancy: 2 Board Commissioners

Pursuant to Sections 2-25 of the Park District Code, 70 ILCS 1205/2-25, and 70 ILCS 1205/2-10, Board Members will be appointed at future Sumner Park District Board meetings.


If you are interested in being considered for appointment, please submit a letter of intent to or P.O. Box 660 Pecatonica, IL 61063 by May 7th. Applications will be reviewed at the May Board Meeting.


Emily Hachmeister

Dennis Seaton

Jack Stroup

Scott Brockway


Emily Hachmeister

Vice President



Emily Hachmeister and Jack Stroup



Emily Hachmeister

FOIA Officer

Jack Stroup

Thanks! Message sent.